Videos: The Vital Link, a key economic player between the United Kingdom and continental Europe for Eurotunnel’s freight customers

09/09/2020 - 15:30

The date on which the United Kingdom would become a third country vis-à-vis the European Union is still set for 31 December 2020. In this context, Eurotunnel is keen to show, more than ever, the vital importance of the economic link connecting the UK and continental Europe by giving the floor to the main players involved: our freight customers.

This link makes it possible to supply both the UK and the European Union across all sectors: express delivery, raw materials, spare parts, food products, pharmaceuticals, and the automotive industry with ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing.

To prepare for this date, Eurotunnel has made significant investments since the UK announced its departure from the EU. For example, constructing truck parks, buildings, and modernising control facilities.

Its commercial partners, particularly its freight customers, are also well prepared and adapted to future changes.

Through a series of portraits of its freight customers of all business sizes, specialities and nationalities, Eurotunnel has chosen to highlight the importance of this link and the requirement for fluidity and speed of trade on which strong social and economic issues depend on.

These videos are all testimonies of the vital economic link that exists between the two sides of the Channel, and which will last beyond 31 December 2020. To do this, the cross-Channel Link actors need a stable administrative framework, agreed in advance between the parties and whose robustness has been tested, so as not to disrupt their activities and by extension that of workers, customers and consumers. This will give them the opportunity to work in the best possible conditions.

All videos are available on this website in the Eurotunnel folder and at the following link:

EY Report - Economic Footprint of the Channel Tunnel in the EU - June 2018

EY Report - Economic Footprint of the Channel Tunnel - October 2016

About the cross-Channel Link

Around €140 million of goods pass through the Channel Tunnel each year, representing 26% of trade between the UK and the EU and hundreds of thousands of jobs on both sides of the Channel.

Most of the trade between the EU and the UK through the Tunnel is with the UK’s neighbours. Belgium, France, and Germany together represent 54% of the total trade through the Channel Tunnel.