Shuttle Traffic for May 2020


Whilst lockdown eased in France on 11 May, severe travel restrictions remain, preventing anyone from traveling more than 100km from their home in France. Eurotunnel continues to focus on ensuring the supply of critical goods between France and the United Kingdom via its Truck and Passenger Shuttle services.

Since mid-March Eurotunnel has taken protective hygiene measures and social distancing continues to be strictly applied for both staff and customers, in addition to a voluntary reduction in the number of trucks carried on each crossing. This restriction does not apply to cars and vans travelling in the Passenger Shuttles, as drivers and passengers remain in their vehicles during the crossing, without having direct physical contact with staff or other passengers.

Le Shuttle Freight carried more than 90,000 trucks in May 2020, mainly due to the resilience of demand for food, pharmaceuticals and e-commerce goods. With an average of 4 departures per hour, Le Shuttle is particularly adapted to this type of product, confirming once again that the Tunnel remains a Vital Link between the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Since 1st January, more than 557,000 trucks have crossed the Channel using our Shuttles.

In May 2020, the Passenger Shuttles carried more than 41,000 passenger vehicles. This figure should be seen in light of the very severe restrictions in relation to border crossings imposed by the French and British governments. Since 1st January, more than 481,000 passenger vehicles have crossed the Channel on board our Passenger Shuttles.

Traffic figures for the month of June will be published on Tuesday 7 July 2020, before markets open.