Shuttle Traffic for June 2020


In a global context of an improvement in the health crisis but still with continuing restrictions for passengers such as the quarantine measures, Eurotunnel continues to provide a priority service between the United Kingdom and France via its Shuttle Services.

Le Shuttle Freight transported more than 108,000 trucks in June 2020, driven by the progressive economic recovery following successive lifting of lockdown measures. Daily traffic reached a high for the period since 19 March, with 4,885 trucks transported on 24 June 2020. Since 1 January, more than 665,000 trucks have crossed onboard our Shuttles.

In June 2020, Passenger Shuttles transported more than 73,000 tourist vehicles. This figure should be seen in light of the restrictions imposed by the British and French governments on crossing the border. Since 1 January, nearly 555,000 passenger vehicles have crossed the Channel on board our Shuttles.

The anticipation of quarantine measures being relaxed in the UK for tourists led to an all-time record for bookings on the weekend of 27-28 June.

The publication of July’s traffic figures will be on 6 August 2020 before markets open.