Shuttle Traffic for June 2017


In June 2017 Le Shuttle Freight transported 141,384 trucks, a traffic stable compared to June 2016, due to an unfavourable calendar effect with the Whitsun weekend being in June this year whilst last year it was in May. Since the start of the year, truck traffic has fallen slightly by 1%, due to the difficult weather conditions in southern Europe at the beginning of the year.

Passenger Shuttle traffic, which with 231,111 vehicles transported decreased by 7% compared to June 2016, was penalised by an unfavourable comparison with 2016 due to the UEFA Euro of Football France in June 2016. Passenger Shuttle traffic has decreased slightly since 1 January with 1,165,801 vehicles transported.

Groupe Eurotunnel SE’s half-year consolidated results will be published on Tuesday 25 July 2017 before market opening.

The traffic figures for the month of July will be published on Friday 11 August 2017 before market opening.