Restart of Passenger Shuttle services Sunday 14 September

Eurotunnel Passenger Shuttle services restarted early this morning, Sunday 14 September. The

first car carrying shuttle left Folkestone at 0618 local time, followed by a second from Coquelles at 0803 CET. In order to facilitate the restart of Passenger Shuttle services they will, initially, only be available to customers who already have a reservation for travel.

Less than three days after the fire, all Channel Tunnel services are once again operational:

80 Truck and Passenger Shuttles,

24 Eurostars between London and Paris,

12 Eurostars between London and Brussels and,

on average, six rail freight trains every 24 hours.,

Jacques Gounon, Eurotunnel Chairman and Chief Executive declared

"This is very good news for customers who use the vital link that the Tunnel provides between Great Britain and the continent. They can now use all the services they are accustomed to.”

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