On 27 January, Eurotunnel, world leader in piggyback transport, carried its 15 millionth truck since Cross Channel services began 15 years ago

At 11:36 today 27 January, Eurotunnel celebrated, on board a shuttle travelling between Coquelles and Folkestone, the 15 millionth truck to cross the Channel Tunnel using its Truck Shuttle service since operations first began in 1994.

This considerable flow (on average a million trucks year since the very beginning and even more since 2000) makes Eurotunnel the world leader in piggyback transport. Eurotunnel operates 15 electrically-powered Shuttles dedicated to heavy goods vehicles. These circulate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In 2010 Eurotunnel Truck Shuttles will cross the Channel almost 60,000 times, an average of 165 times a day or up to 7 times an hour.

The 15 millionth truck belonged to Geodis, a major Eurotunnel customer, fourth largest logistics provider in Europe. Eurotunnel plays an essential part in the supply chain of its customers by ensuring that their time critical loads are provided with the fastest, most reliable cross Channel service.

Geodis driver, Ricky Szitkovics, said “I take the Eurotunnel Truck Shuttles several times a week to as part of the European groupage business and really appreciate the crossing time and the frequency of departures. Whatever the weather I know I can count on Eurotunnel to keep to my delivery commitment.”

Geodis belongs to the Club for Sustainable Development in cross-Channel Freight Haulage. This brings together the major users (1) of Eurotunnel Truck Shuttles for whom reduction in carbon emissions is a key priority. Choosing Eurotunnel means that they benefit from the most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel. In this way Eurotunnel is providing its customers with an increasingly relevant competitive advantage.

Jo Willacy, Eurotunnel’s Commercial Director, said

“I thank Geodis for putting their trust in Eurotunnel. 15 million trucks in 15 years is a fantastic result for us. It sends out a clear message that a relentless focus on quality of service is the key to market leadership. It encourages us and motivates us to continue investment in further improvements.”


  1. The Club for Sustainable Development in Cross Channel freight haulage currently includes among others Eddie Stobart, SITRA, Waberer’s, DSV, Arcese, GEFCO, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TSA, DailyFresh, Transalliance, Capitrans, TNT, Willy Betz, Norbert Dentressangle and RH Freight.