KEEP ON TRUCKING! - Record-breaking 24 hours for Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel has broken its record for the number of trucks carried in a 24-hour period. From midnight on Wednesday 23 June to midnight on Thursday 24 June, Eurotunnel transported a total of 6390 trucks, equivalent to over 260 trucks every hour.

At peak times, Eurotunnel was offering hauliers a departure every ten minutes on its 35-minute Truck Shuttle Service between Folkestone and Calais/Coquelles.

Eurotunnel is market leader for cross-Channel haulage with a 43% share of the market. It operates a fleet of 16 truck shuttles.

Dirk Broek, Director, Eurotunnel Freight Division, said:

''Our operational staff excelled themselves in responding to a huge and unexpected volume of peak hour traffic. They achieved this whilst maintaining an excellent standard of service for our customers. This record demonstrates the market value of Eurotunnel in terms of frequency and reliability.''