Increase in traffic through Channel Tunnel follows opening of 17km section of North Tunnel

Bringing a 17km long section of the North Tunnel back into service on Monday morning, 22 September, will enable Eurotunnel to increase the number of trains running through the Tunnel to almost 170 per day.

Operating the whole South Tunnel, Interval 2 of the North Tunnel and the UK “Cross over” gives an approximately 50% improvement in the service Eurotunnel currently offers, bringing it to 44 Eurostars, 90 Truck Shuttles, 29 Passenger Shuttles and a varying number of rail freight trains per day.

Technical staff are working round the clock to bring a second 17km long section of the North Tunnel back into service in the next few days. This will further improve the quality of service available.

Since 13 September, Eurotunnel has given priority to customers who had already made reservations. The increase in the number of Passenger Shuttles will enable Eurotunnel once more to provide a regular service and customers are therefore advised that reservations are now available for departures planned after 05 October 2008.