Getlink 2018 revenues: 9th year of growth

22/01/2019 - 06:30
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At €1.079 billion, revenues for the year 2018 are up by 5% at a constant exchange rate 1.

  • Eurotunnel, concessionnaire of the Channel Tunnel :
    • Revenues from Shuttle Services increased by 6% to €636.4 million
    • Eurostar: a record year with nearly 11 million passengers, up 7%
  • Europorte: revenues up 2% to €121 million

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, stated:

“Getlink, a true service company, continues to grow by strengthening its positions and setting new all-time records”.

  • Fourth quarter 2018: key facts
    • Eurotunnel

Le Shuttle Freight :

  • New monthly traffic records for Le Shuttle Freight in October and November.
  • New annual traffic record with nearly 1.7 million trucks crossing the English Channel, far outperforming its competitors.

In 2018, more than 2.7 million passenger vehicles crossed the Channel aboard Passenger Shuttles, an increase of 2%. Car traffic has reached a record high since 2000.

Rail freight continues its momentum with 2,077 trains, an increase of +3%

The ETICA programme, aimed at developing new cross-Channel services, has allowed Eurostar to launch its new service to Amsterdam, which has been more successful than expected. Eurostar has announced new services to Amsterdam for next summer.

  • Europorte

Reinforcement of volumes in the petrochemical and cement segments of its rail traction business and renewal of contracts expiring at the end of the year, gain of a new railway handling contract at the industrial site of a major oil group.

  • ElecLink

Work and safety studies continue according to schedule.


A. Group

The Group’s consolidated revenues grew to €1.079 billion, an increase of 5% at a constant exchange rate. Getlink continues its growth momentum, after increases of 4% in 2016 and 2017, and on this occasion reaching a new revenue record, at constant exchange rates.

This is the 9th consecutive year of revenue growth at constant exchange rates and scope of consolidation.

B. Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel’s revenue increased by 5% in 2018 to €958.4 million.

Revenue from Shuttle Services increased by 6% to €636.4 million compared to 2017 through increased traffic and yields.

Revenue from the Railway Network increased by 5% thanks to the good levels of Eurostar traffic and the new London – Amsterdam service.

The 7% decrease in other income is mainly due to non-recurring revenue received in 2017.

C. Rail freight operators: Europorte and its subsidiaries

Europorte’s revenue increased by 2%, mainly due to an increase in activity among its main customers.



A. Shuttles Services

Truck Shuttles: Le Shuttle Freight business set a new all-time record with more than 1.693 million trucks travelling in 2018, 3% better than 2017. Le Shuttle Freight has confirmed its position as the market leader with 40.9% market share over the year, a gain of 1.8 points over 2017. The Truck Shuttle service largely outperformed a market contraction of 1.1%.

Le Shuttle Passenger: Car traffic regained a positive momentum with a 3% growth in traffic, setting a new record since 2000, with more than 2.66 million vehicles travelling. Le Shuttle's car market share was stable at 54.6% in 2018.


B. Railway Network

High speed trains: Eurostar recorded a sharp increase in traffic over the whole of 2018 and has set a new all-time record with 10.97 million passengers travelling, surpassing the previous one by more than half a million travellers. The opening of reservations for a third daily service on the London – Amsterdam direct route in June 2019 is a sign of confidence in demand.

Cross-Channel rail freight is up 3% in 2018 thanks to the ETICA scheme to relaunch traffic.


The annual results of the Group will be published on Thursday 21 February before opening of trading.

  1. All comparisons with 2017 are made using the average 2018 exchange rate of £1=€1.128.