Further increase in traffic capacity in the Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel has brought interval four of the Channel Tunnel, the middle section of the North Tunnel, back into service.

Following the restart of services in the South Tunnel on 13 September, then the re introduction of the first part of the North Tunnel on 22 September, five out of the six intervals which make up the Channel Tunnel are now operational.

This good news will enable an increase in traffic, notably by stepping up departure frequency (traffic will now leave in “flights” every 90 minutes instead of every 2 hours) and by raising capacity, from 170 trains per 24 hour period to 210, from 1 October 2008.

With between 55 and 58 paths provided per day, according to its requirements, almost 100% of normal capacity will be available to Eurostar.

Eurostar is planning a modified timetable in order to best utilize the capacity provided by Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel Shuttle Services:

  • The number of Truck Shuttles will increase to 98 per day during the week and 34 per day at weekends, the equivalent to a transport capacity of approximately 17,000 trucks per week;
  • Passenger Shuttles will increase to 30 per day during the week and 52 per day at weekends, equivalent to a transport capacity of approximately 41,000 cars per week.

Rail freight trains will use the Tunnel at night.

Eurotunnel staff have worked hard and have, in record time, brought a maximum of available infrastructure into service for customers, bringing rail capacity as close as possible to normal.