Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Has an Exceptional Summer Breaks All Previous Records

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle broke a series of records this summer:

  • 665,400 vehicles were transported between 1 July and 31 August, an increase of 4% in a stable market
  • 375,000 vehicles were carried in one month in August, with the daily record broken on three separate occasions1 with a peak at 16,416 vehicles.2

Even more remarkably, more than 85,400 vehicles  were carried in just one week, from 11-17 August. 

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is also the preferred means of transport for the family pet, with 20,209 pets carried in August. For the first time, the symbolic level of 1000 cats transported was passed (1,058 in one month). Eurotunnel has also worked to transport horses to the World Equestrian Games in Normandy this summer, with many horses from the French, Australian and New Zealand teams, as well as for Mark Todd, Rider of the 20th century, and World Number Two, Andrew Nicholson.

Eurotunnel has seen traffic grow continuously throughout 2014, as customers show their appreciation for the speed of the 35 minutes Shuttle crossing and the frequency of departures through the Tunnel (up to 5 departures per hour in each direction).

The poor weather also brought customers to Eurotunnel’s Le Shuttle service, with many families preferring the comfort and safety of the shuttles over air or maritime routes during the aftermath of hurricane Bertha and the volcanic eruptions in Iceland.

Extra staff were also recruited through the summer to provide the best service possible to the record numbers of customers on the terminals, activities were arranged to keep the children occupied and a special covered area was put up to offer shelter to families and their pets during the obligatory pet passport controls.

Eurotunnel Commercial Director, Jo Willacy stated:

“375,000 vehicles transported in August, including more than 85,400 in seven days in the middle of the month is something we have never seen before in all our 20 years of operation. Our daily priority is serving our customers and so it’s a big thank you to them for this remarkable achievement.”


  1. On 2, 9 and 16 August, the traffic reached successively, 16,150, 16,416 and 16,167 vehicles, significantly higher than the previous record set on 17 August 2013 of 15,982 vehicles.
  1. Cars and coaches, compared to 82,967 vehicles in 2013