Eurotunnel keeps cross-Channel services operating 17,000 vehicles transported across the Channel since Saturday

In order to clear up any ambiguities and to clarify the present situation, Eurotunnel, the manager of the Channel Tunnel and operator of its integrated transport system, the Shuttle would like to publish the following statement:

  • The Channel Tunnel infrastructure remained operational, without interruption over the past four days and was used to ensure the safe evacuation of 1,364 passengers from broken down Eurostar trains during Friday night
  • Operation of the Shuttle services recommenced at 05:30 (CET) on Saturday and has (at 10:00 on Monday 21 December) without interruption, transported 17,000 vehicles across the Channel (12,445 Cars, 3,321 Trucks and 321 coaches, amongst which 10 carrying Eurostar Passengers)
  • The reliability of Eurotunnel’s locomotives enabled them to assist the broken down Eurostar trains and to guarantee the continuity of services across the Channel in difficult weather conditions: The circuits and electric motors on Eurotunnel locomotives are protected against dust and temperature variation by a process known as “Tropicalisation”. Air intakes for cooling purposes are in addition protected by baffles.
  • Eurotunnel commits 750,000 hours each year to the maintenance of its infrastructure and rolling stock. The budget for investment and modernization is 50 million Euros.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eurotunnel, congratulated the Eurotunnel teams mobilised at Folkestone, Kent, and Coquelles, Pas -de-Calais, for their professionalism and commitment which ensured that services across the Channel could be maintained.