Eurotunnel fulfills public service responsibilities: increases capacity to alleviate storm impact

Eurotunnel, the operator of the Channel Tunnel, has increased its transport capacity to carry trucks arriving at its terminals at Folkestone and Coquelles during the extreme weather conditions in the English Channel, which are causing problems for the ports of Dover and Calais.

  • Transport capacity has been increased to its maximum, reaching up to twice the normal levels overnight.
  • Night maintenance work on tunnel infrastructure has been postponed in order to ensure the maximum potential capacity.

The extreme weather conditions in the Channel over the past ten days, exacerbated by strike action affecting the ferry companies, has severely limited cross Channel ferry capacity for both passengers and freight. This has led to saturation of the motorways leading to ports of Dover and Calais.

Eurotunnel, which operates a concession from the British and French governments, is conscious of its public service responsibilities and is putting every effort into improving the situation for those wishing to cross the Channel.

Eurotunnel will always put its own loyal customers first and seeks to continue to provide them with the strengths of Speed, Ease and Reliability for which it is now universally recognised. The company regrets the inconvenience, which they might experience on their journeys to its terminals and which is due to circumstances entirely beyond its control.