Eurotunnel celebrates 10 years of Pet Travel

Today, 01 March 2010, Eurotunnel celebrates the 10th anniversary of the “Pet Travel Scheme” which allows owners and their pets to travel together to the United Kingdom, under DEFRA rules.

Since 2000, almost 500,000 dogs and cats have travelled across the Channel on Eurotunnel Shuttles (the daily record being 752, from the Continent to Great-Britain, on 3 January 2010), representing, according to DEFRA figures, 48% of all pets coming into the country.

The reasons for the success of the scheme are simple: the journey takes just 35 minutes; dogs and cats travel with their owners and their families on board Eurotunnel Shuttles; there is a dedicated control building on the Coquelles terminal, staffed by bi-lingual Eurotunnel employees who check microchips, vaccinations and paperwork and who, in the event of a problem, can call upon the assistance of a network of local vets.

The quality of the service has meant that Eurotunnel has won the Kennel Club’s “Best cross-Channel Carrier” and the Winalot Dog Friendly Awards.

Apart from the “Pet Travel Scheme” Eurotunnel has already been chosen to transport thousands of live animals such as seals and dolphins because of the speed and convenience of its service.

Jo Willacy, Eurotunnel Commercial Director, stated

“At Eurotunnel pets are just part of the family. I think that this, combined with the quality of service and the efficient handling of the formalities is without doubt, the main reason for our success. We are also making the tenth anniversary a party for our loyal cats and dogs. Since Saturday we have been offering them a free meal with their crossing.”