Channel Tunnel: Reinforced security and record traffic for Le Shuttle

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The additional efforts to secure the French terminal, in particular around the departure platforms, are almost complete. Allied to the increased numbers and superior organisation of the police authorities, the attempted intrusions by migrants are now being brought under control. Eurotunnel, in accordance with the law and international agreements continues its efforts to prevent any migrants from reaching the United Kingdom illegally.

Eurotunnel apologises to its customers for delays that have been caused by the resulting interceptions and would like to thank them for their continuing loyalty.

July 2015 has been a month of records for Eurotunnel. Following an all-time high for the start of the summer season, the trend has continued. Eurotunnel’s Shuttle services have seen exceptional traffic volumes for both Freight and Passenger traffic, with around 243,0001 vehicles transported.

Le Shuttle, the Passenger service saw record volumes in July with more than 175,0002 vehicles transported from Folkestone in Kent to Coquelles in France, an increase of 8% compared to July 2014. The trend has continued into the start of August, with more than 16,0003vehicles carried, in both directions on Saturday 1 August.

Jo Willacy, Eurotunnel Commercial Director stated:

“This particularly high level of traffic is unique in the history of the company, and proof of our customers’ loyalty and confidence in our service. It was managed very smoothly and in complete safety thanks largely to the great work of Eurotunnel’s staff.”



  1. 242,587 vehicles precisely ( Cars, buses and trucks)
  2. 175,462 vehicles precisely
  3. 16,371 passenger vehicles precisely