Channel Tunnel back to full capacity during night of 9-10 February

During the night of 9 -10 February 2009, Eurotunnel will reopen Interval 6 of the Channel Tunnel*, the section in which re-equipping works – specifically the installation of the catenary – are currently being completed.

With a series of tests planned for the start of next month**, full Tunnel capacity is about to be restored, barely three and a half months after reconstruction works began*** and significantly ahead of initial forecasts. From this date, Eurotunnel Shuttles and Eurostar trains will be able to travel through the Tunnel at their normal commercial speeds, instead of the current reduced speeds.

Eurotunnel’s reactivity has ensured that reopening of Interval 6 comes before Valentine’s Day and the start of half-term holidays in the UK: a traditionally busy period.

  • Booking is now available for the new capacity on the Passenger Shuttles;
  • From 10 February, the number of departures for Truck Shuttles will be able to increase to 6 per hour in each direction;
  • Eurostar, which must reschedule its trains, will communicate separately on the date of its service change.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman of ’Eurotunnel, stated:

“I congratulate all those involved, from Eurotunnel’s teams and the companies selected by the Group. They have delivered the restoration of interval 6 in record time. This performance means we can restore the speed and ease of Channel crossings that make Eurotunnel a unique product.”


*The Channel Tunnel consists of three tubes, two of which are used for the circulation of trains and Eurotunnel Shuttles. The two rail tunnels are split into 6 intervals. Since 1 October, and following an incident at the start of the preceding month, 5 of these 6 intervals have remained operational.

**Subjet to validation by the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) and the Safety Authority.

***The works in interval 6 started on 18 October. Up until this date, the Channel Tunnel was under the control of the French judicial authorities, as part of their ongoing inquiry.