Already 1 million trucks transported by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight in 2016

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Le Shuttle Freight, Eurotunnel’s Truck Shuttle service forges ahead and sets a new record.

Today, Tuesday 9 August 2016, Le Shuttle Freight transported its millionth truck for the year, almost one month ahead of the same milestone in 2015.

Since November 2015, Truck Shuttles have set new records month-on-month against the same periods in previous years. This millionth truck is yet another testament to the enduring dynamism of the business.


Jo Willacy, Commercial Director for Eurotunnel, stated:

In choosing to make the crossing with the Channel Tunnel, hauliers and truck drivers benefit from an enlarged, secure and comfortable environment. It is through the provision of this quality of service that the Tunnel remains the most attractive means of transport and has retained its position as the industry leader.”