The Eurotunnel Group celebrates 25 years since the first junction by joining the “Low Carbon 100 Europe®” index - More than 3 billion kilos of CO2 have been saved

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The Eurotunnel Group today celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first ever junction under the Channel, when British and French tunnelling teams met for the first time in the service tunnel. That first connection between the British Isles and continental Europe has since become the vital link that we know today.

Today, in the middle of COP 21, the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris, Euronext has also announced that it has selected Eurotunnel to join the new version of the Low Carbon 100 Europe® index. This news is seen as the reward for 25 years of continuous commitment to actions in support of the environment. The index measures the performance of the 100 largest companies in Europe with the lowest levels of Carbon emissions in their sector. The selection is made following a in depth evaluation of the Carbon footprint of each company and is made by a Scientific Committee composed of experts from NGOs, public bodies and the financial sector.

At a time when many groups are committing to reducing their Carbon footprints by 2030, the Eurotunnel Group can reiterate that respect for the environment has always been part of its DNA. Eurotunnel is principally an infrastructure that enables cross Channel travel without any contact with the marine ecosystem, powered by electrical energy, 90% of which is derived from low Carbon sources like hydro and nuclear which have no Carbon emissions.

Since the inauguration of its commercial service, le Shuttle, Eurotunnel has been able to save almost 3.4 million tonnes of CO2, compared to ferry travel and, since 2006, Eurotunnel has also reduced its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by 55%.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Eurotunnel SE stated:

“We are proud to celebrate this quarter of a century by being recognised for our Green Values. It is a symbol for our customers and an encouragement to our staff”.