Smoother border controls for Eurotunnel Customers

  • Less stress at border controls for car drivers
  • Hassle free security controls


Following the signature of an agreement between Eurotunnel and UK Border Agency (UKBA), on 15 July 2010, which renews and reinforces the Service Level Agreement (SLA) reached in 2009, customers should find there are more border control lanes open at the Channel Tunnel at peak times and that they are processed more rapidly through the formalities.

The SLA was first signed by Eurotunnel and the UKBA in 2009 and is reviewed annually. It sets out the UKBA’s commitment to speed up the passage of people and goods at Eurotunnel’s Folkestone and Coquelles terminals and how UKBA will deliver on that commitment.

UKBA can process cars and their occupants in just one minute. With up to 8 border control lanes open, they can handle 480 vehicles per hour at peak times, equivalent to the number of cars carried on four Shuttle departures.

A review of the agreement has recently been concluded and a significant improvement to frontier controls in France has been identified. UKBA supports the Eurotunnel proposal to move the border controls in Coquelles to a position before the passenger terminal facilities, as is the case in airports. This should make access to the Shuttles easier and quicker for those returning from the continent at the end of their stay. Passengers will be able to relax in the passenger terminal building having already passed through the border controls. Once their departure is called, they will drive directly to the Shuttle.



Speaking after the signature of the updated agreement on 15 July 2010, Jo Willacy, Eurotunnel Commercial Director said,

“This service level agreement has meant that our customers now have a smoother passage through the UK Border Agency controls, which adds to the speed and ease of our Shuttle service. The project to route traffic on in Coquelles through border controls before the passenger terminal building will further improve the ease of access to our Shuttles in France”.



Notes to editors:

Border controls at the Channel Tunnel are carried out on the departure terminal with the UKBA and French authorities juxtaposed.

Security checks, using the latest video, scanning and vehicle search techniques are carried out at the same time. Customers can remain in their cars as the results of the controls are available in seconds.