Signing a new collective employee savings plan

Getlink welcomes the signing of a new collective employee savings plan agreement, applicable to all Group employees in France and once again demonstrating the quality of employee relations within the company.

The new version of the scheme, applicable from 1 January 2019, covers a period of three years and will provide employees with an attractive top-up facility from the company, encouraging all covered to subscribe to it. The French Group Employee Savings Plan will be replicated in the United Kingdom, in the form of a top-up Share Incentive Plan.

This new addition to the French Group Employee Savings Plan is part of the Group’s proactive employee share policy which has been in place since 2011 and which includes the distribution of free shares to all employees. For each employee working for the company, in both France and the United Kingdom since 2011, Getlink has distributed a total of 1,010 free shares

This new package offers a matching rate of 100% for the first 900 Euros invested, then 50% for the next 300 Euros and a 25% rate above 1,200 Euros, within the legal and conventional limits. The potential gain therefore increases by almost 17% compared to the previous scheme, equivalent to an additional payment of 1,050 Euros that can be allocated to each employee of the Group.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Getlink stated,

“Developing employee share ownership is a major element of our strategy to align the interests of all the Group’s stakeholders.”