Significant strengthening of security at the Coquelles rail terminal

Groupe Eurotunnel welcomes the decision by Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister for the Interior, to reinforce the French Police forces on the terminal in Coquelles, which has enabled a reduction in the number of intrusions, in risk to migrants and which ensures a service which is close to normal for transporters.

A high level technical meeting has also taken place today between the Group and senior experts at the Interior Ministry. The practical recommendations generated by their experience and expertise to maintain both public safety and the fluidity of the railway terminal will be put into action rapidly.

At the same time, the high security fencing around the platforms installed by Eurotunnel has become operational today. The fence supplied by the British government will be completed in the coming days.

Finally, measures have been taken for truck traffic: night services will from now on be provided on protected shuttles and from the platforms in the centre of the terminal.

Passengers who are travelling through the Coquelles terminal can travel in confidence. They have been transported without delay throughout the day, a peak holiday getaway period, and have had the best welcome and customer service possible during their journey.

Truck traffic remains affected by Operation Stack, a consequence of the situation in the Channel. The Group is committed to offer the best service to its customers in a railway terminal that is even better protected and which serves a vital purpose, especially in these difficult times.