Reduction of capital by cancelling shares held by the company

Groupe Eurotunnel SA has cancelled, on 3rd December 2012, 10.6 million shares held by the companyi. These shares were originally purchased as part of the company’s share buyback programme, in readiness for cancellation.

This transaction, which reduces the overall number of shares, mechanically increases the potential earnings per share and has an immediate value adding effect. This will enable Groupe Eurotunnel SA to optimize its balance sheet and to create value for its shareholders. As a consequence of this transaction, the capital is now composed of 550,000,000 shares of a nominal value of €0.40 each.

Since 2007, the transactionsii undertaken by Groupe Eurotunnel have, in total, enabled shareholders to see an increase in value of 10.26% of the capital. To this can also be added an amount of more than €90 million corresponding to the dividends paid since 2009.


  1. 10,572,129 shares with a nominal value of €0.40, precisely
  1. Amongst these transactions are the cancelling of shares as part of the buyback programmes, the refinancing of warrants redeemable in shares, the free attribution of shares and the exercise of the 2007 warrants through the issuing of 136 million new shares.