Proxy voting agencies support Eurotunnel Joint Board resolutions at the Annual Meeting of shareholders to be held on June 17, 2005

Folkestone, Royaume-Uni, 13/06/2005 - 10:00

ISS, ABI and PIRC, independent advisors specialising in the analysis of shareholder meeting agendas for institutional investors, have announced that they support the proposals submitted by the Joint Board of Eurotunnel for voting at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting to be held on 17 June 2005.

All three companies have recommended that their clients vote for most of the resolutions and have unanimously recommended the ratification of the nomination of Jacques Gounon and Henri Rouanet.

At a time when the negotiations with the creditors are progressing, Eurotunnel is pleased to receive support from these corporate governance specialists for the resolutions put forward by the Joint Board.

Eurotunnel believes that as a result of recent corporate governance initiatives and the attention it has paid to improving financial communication, it will mobilise a high level of support from shareholders at the AGM.