Press release - Eurostar Report

Eurotunnel notes the publication of the report commissioned by Eurostar from Christopher Garnett, Non-executive Director of Transport of London, and Claude Gressier, Non -executive Director of SNCF, following the breakdowns suffered by five Eurostar trains during the snow in December 2009.

Eurotunnel is pleased to note that the report confirms that the safety of passengers and operations through the Channel Tunnel was ensured effectively by Eurotunnel and the public authorities.

Eurotunnel will now study the detailed findings of the report.

Without waiting, however, Eurotunnel is ready to share its experience of locomotive snow protection1 technology with Eurostar to ensure that such incidents never happen again. In the same spirit, the GSM-R contract, signed on 15 December 2009 with Alcatel-Lucent, to upgrade the railway communication in the Tunnel could, if Eurostar so wishes, be extended to GSM-P public communications.

Even if it requires going beyond its strict responsibilities, Eurotunnel is committed to continue to support Eurostar in its implementation of recommendations to improve its service to passengers, whilst continuing to maintain the integrity of the existing safety procedures in the Tunnel.

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