New Security Control Centre for Eurotunnel

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Eurotunnel today, 18 January 2017, inaugurated its new Security Control Centre on the French Terminal at Coquelles in the presence of Madame Fabienne Buccio, Préfète of the Pas-de-Calais and Paul Booth, Deputy Director of Border Force, South East and Europe Region.

The decision to embark on this major investment was taken following the meeting on the site during the summer of 2015 between Theresa May and Bernard Cazeneuve who were at the time Home Secretaries for the United Kingdom and France.

The new building which has a floor space of 547m², is equipped with the latest technology and can accommodate all of the different law enforcement authorities present on the Coquelles site to strengthen cooperation on the ground between Eurotunnel’s own personnel and the two states.

The 20m² screen-wall in the new control room, which itself measures 171m², provides five video operators, the supervisor and coordinator, who are permanently stationed in the room, with an exceptional view over the 650 hectares of the site and the 30km of high security perimeter fencing via 570 static and mobile cameras equipped with both day and night vision.

The building has two living walls and a light well which help to reduce the use of electricity for lighting. In addition, the heat generated from the IT equipment is recovered and re-used for heating via and air recirculation system.