Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port extends contract with Europorte for a further 5 Years

05/02/2016 - 10:00

Following a tender process, Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port has reselected Europorte1, the rail freight subsidiary of the Eurotunnel Group, to manage, operate and maintain its railway infrastructure for a further five years; renewable for an additional three years. 

“This choice is clear recognition of Europorte’s expertise in railway infrastructure operations and maintenance” explained Pascal Sainson, Chairman of Europorte. Europorte was able to demonstrate the productivity, customer focus and flexibility that will enable the Port and its customers to benefit from a high quality of service. Nantes – Saint Nazaire will have transparent and real time access to all the data needed for the use of its tracks and the state of its network. Europorte also manages the networks at the ports of Dunkirk, La Rochelle, Le Havre, Bordeaux and Rouen alongside the river port at Strasbourg. 

Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port is committed to an ambitious project aiming to make it the reference port in terms of energy transformation and the environment. It is developing its mass transport modes. It has put the development of rail freight at the heart of its strategy. Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port has set a target of doubling its rail traffic by 2020. Owner, since 2008 of a network of 40km of rail track, it has an important interface with the national network in France, with departure lines and connections. With 1.2 million tonnes of cargo handled each year (cereals, energy products, metals …), Nantes – Saint Nazaire Port Authority is one of the leading rail hub in western France.

1 The Europorte subsidiary, Socorail, will be responsible for day to day management, operation and maintenance of the railway network at the Nantes - Saint Nazaire Authority. Socorail has held the contract since 2011. 

About Europorte: 

The first private French rail operator to have obtained, in 2004, a licence authorising the development of rail services throughout the European Union, this rail freight subsidiary of the Eurotunnel Group is the 3rd largest operator within the French and British rail network. With more than 1,500 employees in France, Europorte provides tailor-made solutions for industrial operators, offering an integrated range of services covering all freight fields: from national and international haulage to logistics, from local services to management of branch lines, including the activities of a local railway operator. 

About Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port:

Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port Authority is a government woned public establishment. An industrial site key to economic development, it works in partnership with both the public and private sector in the region to add value to the economy and environment in the Loire estuary on which it sits. 
Handling more that 25 million tonnes each year, Nantes - Saint Nazaire Port is the principle port on the French Atlantic coast and the 4th largest port in France. Spread over 9 locations, it stretches over 65km of the Loire estuary. Each year it handles almost 2,800 ships, 1,200 freight trains and 400 river barge convoys