Liquidation for the SCOP SeaFrance: update by Groupe Eurotunnel

30/06/2015 - 10:00
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Groupe Eurotunnel rejects any responsibility in the liquidation of the SCOP SeaFrance, which has come about as a consequence of successive decisions by the Competition and Markets Authority which forced the Group to announce its withdrawal from the maritime sector more than six months ago

In this context, Groupe Eurotunnel, the owner of the ships Berlioz and Rodin, and given the fact that the bareboat charter agreements of these two ships by the SCOP SeaFrance expired naturally on 1 July, announced at the beginning of June that it would lease the ships to DFDS from 2 July 2015. Groupe Eurotunnel confirms that it is not the employer of the SCOP SeaFrance personnel.

Groupe Eurotunnel denounces the many statements and actions, including those through the courts, which are intended to intimate that the process of selling the ships, including the comparison of offers, could be organised by any other than their owner.

In particular, Groupe Eurotunnel cannot understand why the Judicial Administrators of the SCOP SeaFrance who, at Groupe Eurotunnel's initiative, met with the new owner DFDS on 9 June 2015, have refused to start negotiations on the recruitment of staff.

Groupe Eurotunnel regrets that three valuable weeks that could have been used for these essential employment negotiations between DFDS and the SCOP SeaFrance have therefore been wasted.