Launch of Eurostar London-Amsterdam direct service

Eurotunnel welcomes the launch of the Eurostar direct service London-Amsterdam and London-Rotterdam from 4 April 2018.

The journey time of 3h41 (London-Amsterdam) and 3h01 (London-Rotterdam), as well as the potential of the line - more than 4 million passengers travelling by air each year between London and Amsterdam, make this opening a historic landmark for cross-Channel travel.

Eurotunnel, which published an independent study on potential destinations in 2014, has been working closely with Eurostar for many years on the development of new traffic through the Channel Tunnel.


"This launch is highly significant news. Travellers will very soon be enjoying these fast, comfortable and environmentally responsible journeys. European citizens aspire to seamless travel experience, which States must take into account in their international relations."

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group