Information relating to the total number of shares and voting rights which form the share capital as at 4 December 2008

11/12/2008 - 09:00


The total number of voting rights attached to the 189,841,915 ordinary shares is 7,593,676,000 notional voting rights taking into account the following:

  • 255,514,480 voting rights corresponding to 6,387,862 shares held by GET SA for which voting rights are withheld in accordance with article L. 225-210 of the French Commercial Code;
  • 58,520 voting rights attached to 1,463 shares held by the subsidiaries of GET SA which cannot be exercised in general meeting in accordance with article L. 233-31 of the French Commercial Code.



* * * *

(1) The share capital is set at an amount of seventy five million nine hundred and thirty six thousand seven hundred and sixty six euros and one cent (€75,936,766.01).

The share capital is divided into 189,841,915 ordinary shares of a nominal value of €0.40 each (A Shares), fully paid up and one B preference share, fully paid up of a nominal value of

€0.01 (B Share).


(2) For ease of reference, on 12th November 2007, Groupe Eurotunnel SA carried out a consolidation of its ordinary shares, at a ratio of one new share with a nominal value of

€0.40 in return for forty (40) old shares with a nominal value of €0.01. In accordance with article 27-8° of the Company’s constitutional document, “Each member has the same  number of votes as the number of shares in the Company that he holds and represents, whether in his name or by proxy, without limit. Until the expiry of a two-year period starting  on 12th November 2007, being the start of the consolidation operations as stated in the Consolidation Notice published by the Company in the “Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires” in accordance with the resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of 20th June 2007, any A Share which has not been consolidated will result in its holder having one (1) vote and any consolidated A Share in forty (40) votes, so that the number of votes attached to the Company’s A Shares is proportional to the part of the capital represented by it”.