Incorporation of ENHC before the launch of the Offer

13/04/2007 - 10:00

Pursuant to the Safeguard Plan, Eurotunnel NRS Holding Company Limited (ENHC) (company referred to as “XCo” in the Safeguard Plan), which will group the interests of Eurotunnel’s creditors which are to receive or subscribe for NRS as part of the reorganisation, was incorporated on 3 April 2007 under the form of an English law private company under number 6178578. 

The purpose of ENHC and the main provisions of its articles of association relating to the holding of its shares and of the NRS issued by Eurotunnel Group UK PLC (EGP) are described in paragraph 5.3.1(c) of the registration document registered by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) on 21 March 2007 under number i.07-021. 

The terms of the Offer and of the reorganisation of Eurotunnel are set out in the Offer Document approved by the AMF on 4 April 2007 under number 2007-112 and in the Prospectus (comprised of the Registration Document registered on 21 March 2007 by the AMF under number i.07-021 and of the Securities Note approved by the AMF on 4 April 2007 under number 2007-113).

These documents can be viewed on the following websites: (also available from Eurotunnel’s website: and They are also available free of charge at the registered office of the company. 

The attention of the public is drawn in particular on the risks factors described in the Prospectus.