Historic mobilisation by Eurotunnel shareholders

  • 82 000 shareholders took part in vote at Eurotunnel AGM
  • 45% of share capital represented
  • Jacques Gounon elected (98.27% of votes in favour)

Today, Friday 17 June 2005, in Coquelles, France, Eurotunnel shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive, at the Group’s AGM.

Speaking after the meeting, Jacques Gounon said, “I am very pleased to see such a strong turnout and historic unity for the vote. Today our shareholders have demonstrated to everyone their sense of responsibility. This is the sign that they really believe that together we can save Eurotunnel.”

He added, “Now it is time for some calm, for us all to get back to business. The negotiations ahead will be hard and time is short. We are determined to succeed and now we have the strength.”