Groupe Eurotunnel won the renewal of its Carbon Trust Standard’s certification

19/03/2014 - 10:00

Groupe Eurotunnel prides itself on retaining the renewal of its Carbon Trust Certification by the independent British organisation Carbon Trust Standard for its policy and achievements in carbon footprint reduction for the period 2011 to 2012. Groupe Eurotunnel got already this great recognition by Carbon Trust for the period 2009-2010. This certification comprises the Channel Tunnel and all its railway subsidiaries (GB Railfreight, Europorte France, Europorte Proximite, Eurotunnel Channel, Europorte Services, Socorail). By 3 months, all 15 Passenger Shuttles will display the Carbon Trust logo.

The Carbon Trust Standard is a reference in its sector. To get the Carbon Trust certification is a great challenge through the extensive criteria that has to be met as the reduction of the annual carbon footprint by 3%. Eurotunnel is still the only cross-Channel operator to carry out a carbon footprint assessment.

Over the last two years three main projects were highlighted for the significant impact they have had and continue to have in reducing Eurotunnel’s carbon footprint:

The reduction in speed of transit for trains using the Tunnel at night The reduction of energy used for Tunnel cooling

The transfer of electricity supply to low carbon sources in France

Through a number of these initiatives Groupe Eurotunnel is confident it will continue to work towards this credential. Electric cars are in the process of being rolled out throughout the cross-Channel fixed link, lighting throughout both Terminals are currently being converted over to LED lighting to further lower the emissions output, all these initiatives show our continued efforts and our commitment.


Tom Delay, Carbon Trust Chief Executive Officer stated:

Eurotunnel has achieved consistent environmental improvements for a number of years and has retained the Carbon Trust Standard since 2009, certifying that it has reduced its carbon footprint year-on-year. Eurotunnel’s commitment to sustainability helps to reduce the impact of its passengers and freight customers when they are crossing the Channel


Michel Boudoussier, Groupe Eurotunnel Chief Operating Officer – Concession stated:

More and more customers are making their purchasing decisions based on a company’s impact on the environment. Our performance certified by Carbon Trust and our ongoing commitment to sustainable development always bring us more traffic”.