Groupe Eurotunnel was awarded a prize for its communications about its 20th Anniversary at the 2014 “Trophées de la Communication”

01/12/2014 - 10:00
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The Eurotunnel Group received a prize at the 2014 “Trophées de la Communication” for the communication around the events for its 20th Anniversary.

At the 13th edition of the “Trophées de la Communication” for private companies and public organisations, held last Friday, communication professionals retained the Eurotunnel Group entry from among 600 applications. The jury of communication specialists rewarded a world first: a charity race open to all Eurotunnel employees and the organization on June 17 of a half-marathon under the sea in the tunnel. This race, unique in the world, which started at the mid-point of the Tunnel 100 meters below sea level and with two simultaneous finishes – UK runners exiting at Folkestone (Great-Britain) whilst French runners exited at Coquelles (France) – required very detailed planning considering the stringent safety standards in the Channel Tunnel and due to the fact the Tunnel remained operational during the race. The funds raised from these races were donated to the Red Cross on the French side and to the Children's Society on the British side.

The creation of a mobile exhibition was also honoured. It was first installed in a Shuttle then at the Passenger terminal and then at the largest Motorway service area in the North of France and is now on display in the heart of the city of Calais1. This exhibition recounts in French and in English the story of Eurotunnel and the challenges faced. The exhibition links the existing infrastructure, operational 24/7 365 days a year, involving around 3,000 people every day and through which 21 million passengers pass each year, to the history of the tunnel that has so marked Europe.



  1. Espace Cœur de vie – 3, rue neuve – 62100 Calais – France