Groupe Eurotunnel SA confirms its eligibility for PEA-PME

Groupe Eurotunnel SA, listed in compartment A of the NYSE Euronext, confirms its eligibility for the PEA-PME approach for ETI quoted on Euronext. The name PEA (Plan d’épargne en actions)-PME1 concerns a form of share account in French law. This eligibility is in accordance with the decree n°2 014-283 applicable since 4 March 2014.

Groupe Eurotunnel SA has on this occasion entered the CAC®PME; launched by Euronext, which follows the performance of 20-40 French companies eligible for the PEA-PME.

The eligibility of the group enable it to integrate Groupe Eurotunnel SA shares into PEA-PME accounts, which brings fiscal benefits (for French residents) linked to investments in European stocks, as opposed to traditional PEAs.

In practice, with a PEA-PME, the investor is able to capitalise his added value without tax implication, provided he respects a minimum period of five years for holding the PEA-PME. The maximum amount is limited to €75,000.

The PEA-PME is intended to support investment of national savings in shares and to create a new instrument to support the finances of PME and ETI.