Groupe Eurotunnel SA Combined General Meeting

Almost 50% (49.78%) of Groupe Eurotunnel SA’s capital was represented at the Group’s combined general meeting, held today in Coquelles (France)*.

The Ordinary General Meeting of Groupe Eurotunnel SA approved the payment of a dividend of 4 cents € per share.

The meeting also voted for the Board, renewing the mandates of seven directors who re-presented themselves and approving the nomination of four new directors. The Board is now composed of seven independent directors out of eleven.

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Groupe Eurotunnel SA approved the merger by way of take-over of Eurotunnel Group PLC and TNU PLC by Groupe Eurotunnel SA, the option to attribute stock options and/or options to purchase existing shares but rejected the resolution which related to the distribution of free shares to Eurotunnel staff and company officers with no performance criteria.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Groupe Eurotunnel SA, stated,

The support shown by both institutional and individual shareholders for our long term strategy is very clear. Despite the difficult context, Groupe Eurotunnel intends to consolidate its position and continue its development”.

*Details of the votes for each resolution will shortly be available on the Group’s website:


Composition of the Board (in alphabetical order)

Pierre Bilger**

Philippe Camu

Jacques Gounon

Patricia Hewitt**

Hugues Lepic

Colette Neuville**

Robert Rochefort**

Henri Rouanet**

Jean-Pierre Trotignon

Philippe Vasseur**


** Independent directors