Groupe Eurotunnel has been certified by the Carbon Trust Standard: The Channel Tunnel has further reduced its carbon footprint by 20.5%

Certified with Wiztrust

Groupe Eurotunnel as a global organisation has just been certified by the independent British organisation Carbon Trust Standard for its policy and achievements in carbon footprint reduction.

The Carbon Trust Standard has calculated specifically that, for the period 2009/2010, the transport system which makes up the cross-Channel Fixed Link has further reduced its carbon footprint by 20.5%, after taking into account that two years ago between 2006 and 2008 Eurotunnel had already reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 44%.

The Carbon Trust Standard is the only organisation of its kind to demand an annual carbon reduction of 3% or more each year. Eurotunnel, the only cross-Channel operator to publish its carbon footprint, has more than exceeded this objective with a cumulative reduction of 55.5% since 2006.

Over the last two years on which the organisation’s study was based (2009/2010) there were three distinct initiatives:

  • the completion of the Channel Tunnel catenary supply project using low carbon electricity from France
  • the transition from 30 to 32 wagon Truck Shuttles
  • the introduction of wagons made autonomous by battery powered electric motorisation, to carry out night works in the Channel Tunnel (in place of works modules hauled by diesel locomotives).

The Carbon Trust Standard certification, which was first awarded in 2009, comprises the Channel Tunnel, and from now on includes Europorte which brings together the UK railfreight subsidiary (GB Railfreight) and the (French railfreight subsidiaries (Europorte France, Europorte Proximité, Europorte Channel, Europorte Services, and Socorail). This acknowledges the combined efforts throughout Groupe Eurotunnel to limit greenhouse gas emissions and their measurable impact.

Jacques Gounon, Groupe Eurotunnel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated

One of the founding values of Groupe Eurotunnel is respect for the environment: the Carbon Trust Standard certification is a benchmark in this area in recognition of not only our engagement but also our achievement; a further reduction of 20% in Eurotunnel’s carbon footprint, which follows a reduction of 44% which was certified in 2009, and which is unique to our business sector. Eurotunnel respects the Planet by travelling below the Sea and cares for the Sea by travelling beneath the sea bed.”