Getlink publishes its Energy Efficiency action plan and reinforces its commitment to environmental excellence

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As an eco-responsible transport infrastructure manager since its creation, Getlink has been committed to promoting low-energy and low-carbon transport services and is dedicated to a continuous energy performance approach. By publishing today its Energy Efficiency Action plan[1], Getlink is firmly in line with the efficiency approach desired by the French public authorities and strengthens its commitment to environmental excellence.

This action plan in line with the 2019-2025 Environment Plan, which will enable the Group to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by 2025. Its deployment has already saved nearly 40 GWh per year on traction electricity[2].

The Energy Efficiency plan is built on concrete actions such as in-depth moderation of daily use by all employees and partners of the Group (reduction of heating instructions in buildings, eco-gestures oriented towards lighting or digital uses in particular), the continued development of eco-driving, and even accelerating bulb replacements with LEDs in the Concession. All these actions will generate up to 9% additional savings by 2024 on auxiliary consumption, i.e., up to 5 GWh.

In addition, the Group adheres to the EcoWatt[3] system developed by RTE in partnership with Ademe and undertakes to relay information to its employees and partners on the best practices that will be implemented.

Our Energy Efficiency plan strengthens Getlink's ambitious trajectory in favour of low-carbon transport through efficient and responsible management of our electricity consumption. By acting on the company's auxiliary consumption, our Group undertakes its role of training its employees, partners and stakeholders for eco-responsible practices that respect the environment and energy resources” said Yann Leriche, CEO of Getlink.



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  2. ^ [2] i.ed approximately 10% of electricity consumption on this main item for the Group
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