Getlink is continuing its preparation for the general meeting and its governance

Getlink announced on 18 March 2020 on 17 March 2020 it made available to the public and filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers (the French financial market regulator) the 2019 Universal Registration Document (URD), under number D.20-0138.

Getlink is continuing its preparations for its new corporate governance structure. The Board of Directors has announced the implementation, on 1 July 2020, of the separation of the roles of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer and the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer.

This new structure is linked to the gradual rotation of the members of the Board of Directors. On 4 March 2020, Getlink announced the proposed appointment of two new independent directors at the shareholders' General Meeting on 30 April 2020.

As part of the implementation of this new governance structure, the Board of Directors has decided to remove the role of Deputy Chief Executive Officer and accordingly has terminated the role of the current Deputy Chief Executive Officer, François Gauthey, with effect from 15 March 2020; he will resume his employment contract as a chief operating officer.

The remuneration due or paid in respect of the 2019 financial year and the remuneration due for 2020 in respect of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer’s term of office are set out in the 2019 Universal Registration Document, which refers to the absence of a termination payment and the absence of a noncompetition clause related to the end of the term of office of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Getlink's Combined General Meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 30 April 2020 at 10:00 a.m (CET). The notice of meeting, published in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires on 4 March 2020, listed the ways of taking part in the meeting; these will need to be altered in the changing context of the coronavirus (covid-19) epidemic and the fight to stop it spreading.

Given the exceptional situation related to Coronavirus, the holding of the General Meeting could be restricted by decisions of the public authorities or for safety reasons. More precise information will be communicated on the Company's website nearer the time. Getlink invites shareholders to plan ahead and make use of the remote voting methods available from now onwards in order to take part in the General Meeting.