Getlink: Atlantia takes a stake in the Group

Atlantia has just announced the purchase of the Aero I Global and International fund, which held their shares in the Group, from Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners (GSIP)1.

The arrival of Atlantia, a major player in the infrastructure world, is a fantastic news, a sign of stability and very positive for our shareholders and our staff. This position shows great confidence in the future of Getlink and opens up very constructive opportunities for development.

I would also like to thank GSIP, which entered the capital of Eurotunnel at a crucial moment in the company’s history, and whose thoughtful and continuous support helped to give the Group a future many might not have thought possible”.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group


  1. GSIP, via a investment vehicle, held 15.49% of the capital and 26.66% of the voting rights