French President supports proposed high speed line from London to Paris via the Channel Tunnel and Amiens*

Eurotunnel welcomes the announcement made today, 14 November 2006, in Amiens (France) by President Chirac requesting the setting up, by the end of this year of a public enquiry into the proposed high speed rail line between London and Paris via the Channel Tunnel and Amiens*, with a full public debate in the second half of 2007.

Eurotunnel, who, at its own request in April 2005, became a member of the steering committee responsible for preparing such public consultation, fully supports this project, which will reduce travel time between London and Paris to 2 hours.

This new line, which is a strategic element in the trans-European rail network, should lead to an increase in traffic through the Channel Tunnel.



* The enquiry relates to a new section of high speed line between Calais, Amiens and Paris which will connect directly to the Channel Tunnel.