Eurotunnel wins Innovation in Logistics Award for its automatic check-in system for trucks

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Eurotunnel has received the Innovation in Logistics Award 2007 for its automatic check-in system for trucks. The award was presented at the International Transport and Logistics Exhibition in Paris (SITL, 27-29 March) for the innovative system used to record the hundreds of thousands of trucks which arrive at the terminals in Coquelles (France) and Folkestone (England).

Eurotunnel introduced this automatic check-in system, today used by more than 80% of its truck customers (1) with a proven reliability. The system reduces the average transaction time to just 45 seconds for each truck. The equipment is made up of touch screens which offer information for drivers at check-in in nine European languages, automatic number plate readers and sensors which measure vehicle size.

Eurotunnel won the award ahead of 19 other projects in the information systems category. The jury made up of industry professionals underlined that, “this new system is a real benefit to the user through the time gained and the simplification which it has brought to the process”.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Eurotunnel said, “This award recognises Eurotunnel’s constant efforts to provide customer service. Automatic check-in for trucks is a new step forward for Eurotunnel, by far the fastest, most reliable and easiest to use cross-Channel operator”.

(1)Eurotunnel transported 1,296,269 trucks in 2006.