Eurotunnel wins competitive tender from the Grand Port Maritime in Bordeaux

Groupe Eurotunnel has been chosen by the Grand Port Maritime in Bordeaux to prepare its Safety and Operating Regulations (RSE) Reference Document, as required by the Etablissement Public de Sécurité Ferroviaire (EPSF).

Since legislation came into force on 2 August 2005 and 2 September 2008, the Grand Port Maritime in Bordeaux has become an infrastructure manager and, as such, requires a document detailing the formal safety regulations applicable across its entire rail network. The Port of Bordeaux has its own 20.3km rail network (see map of Bassens and Verdon attached in appendix), with 37 sets of points.

With its in depth railway knowledge and unique safety expertise, Eurotunnel will determine the composition of the infrastructure at the Port of Bordeaux, the conditions for access to the rail tracks and regulations for capacity, safety and operating management, services and pricing.

Eurotunnel has already carried out the same tasks for the Grand Port Maritime in Dunkirk, which was the first to French port to print such regulations.

This new contract sees Groupe Eurotunnel further extend its presence amongst the French ports as it already manages the railway infrastructure at the ports of Dunkirk and Nantes Saint Nazaire, and is now a service provider to the Grand Port Maritime in Bordeaux.

Eurotunnel (Euronext Paris: GET and London Stock Exchange: GETS) manages the infrastructure of the Channel Tunnel and operates accompanied truck shuttle and passenger shuttle (car and coach) services between Folkestone, UK and Calais, France. Eurotunnel holds the concession until 2086 to operate the Channel Tunnel, the fastest, most reliable, easiest and most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel. In 17 years, nearly 265 million people have used the Channel Tunnel. This unique land crossing has become a vital link between the continent and the United Kingdom. Eurotunnel also runs a rail freight business through its subsidiary Europorte, which offers a wide range of integrated rail freight services.