Eurotunnel vision secures award of Carbon Trust Standard

Eurotunnel has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for its commitment to managing and reducing its carbon footprint.

This award comes after the Carbon Trust Standard Company carried out a three month assessment of the group’s sustainability strategy, management and implementation of carbon reducing policies, in particular for 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Three main projects were highlighted for the significant impact they have had and continue to have in reducing Eurotunnel’s carbon footprint:

  • The reduction in speed of transit for trains using the Tunnel at night
  • The reduction of energy used for Tunnel cooling
  • The transfer of electricity supply to low carbon sources in France

These three headline projects were supported by a raft of other activities including investments in new equipment, training and communications with Eurotunnel’s many customers.

The Channel Tunnel was conceived and built with the environment in mind and Eurotunnel has continued to work to reduce its carbon footprint over the fifteen years since the inauguration on 6 May 1994.

Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard is recognition that Eurotunnel’s Shuttles are reducing the carbon emissions involved in travelling across the Channel to the Continent.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Eurotunnel, said,

“With more and more customers making purchasing decisions based on a company’s impact on the environment, sustainability is an essential element of future business success.

The Carbon Trust Standard is the benchmark for companies to achieve. It is a rigorous and demanding measure of our impact on the environment and I am delighted that Eurotunnel has passed with flying colours.”

Harry Morrison, General Manager, Carbon Trust Standard, said,

“Eurotunnel’s achievement of the Carbon Trust Standard represents real and vital progress in reducing emissions in the transport sector. Their commitment to continue to reduce these emissions over the next two years builds on their 15 year focus on minimizing their environmental impact. The Carbon Trust Standard is working with a wide range of forward looking companies and organizations, to recognize their reduction efforts, which will ultimately turn our vision for a low carbon economy into reality”.

Notes to Editors

In order to make customers more aware of its commitment to sustainable development, Eurotunnel has recently "wrapped" part of one of its Shuttles in a picture representing the beauty of the natural environment.


(Photo available by request)



The Carbon Trust Standard

  • The Carbon Trust is an independent company set up in 2001 by the UK Government in response to the threat of climate change, to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with organisations to reduce carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.
  • The Carbon Trust Standard is awarded to organisations that measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint. Organisations that achieve the Standard are taking real action to reduce their direct impact on climate change.
  • All businesses and organisations, both in the UK and internationally, are eligible to apply for the Carbon Trust Standard including FTSEs, mid caps, SMEs and public sector organisations.
  • Organisations that are awarded the Carbon Trust Standard hold it for a two year period and to maintain the certification they must reapply and demonstrate that they have continued to make year-on-year reductions in their carbon emissions.
  • Through a commitment to continually reduce their carbon footprint, Carbon Trust Standard achievers have together cut their annual emissions by 500,000 tonnes of CO2. This equates to nearly 7,600 tonnes saved per organisation. Carbon Trust Standard achievers have also saved themselves a collective fuel bill of more than £73m through reducing energy consumption.