Eurotunnel to set up a services company under European Law: “Eurotunnel SE”

30/03/2006 - 10:00

Eurotunnel is setting up under European Law a SE subsidiary named “Eurotunnel SE”, registered in Brussels. “Eurotunnel SE” aims to optimise the coordination of commercial operations between Eurotunnel’s existing subsidiaries currently established in five European countries (United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Germany, Spain). These subsidiaries currently market Eurotunnel freight services to road hauliers across the whole of the European Community.

The creation of this new subsidiary should lead to the integration of the existing subsidiaries, enabling Eurotunnel to simplify the legal structure of the Group and to achieve cost savings, while maintaining current commercial teams.

The aim is to win new European customers through improved commercial efficiency and a local marketing approach.

The Channel Tunnel is a vital link to the European transport network infrastructure: of Eurotunnel’s Truck Shuttle service customers, 55% are road hauliers based in France or in the UK and 45% are hauliers based in Northern, Eastern and Southern European countries.