Eurotunnel the only company from Euro zone selected for MSCI Global Standard and MSCI Growth indices, following update on 10 February

11/02/2010 - 10:00

The announcement in New York yesterday, 10 February, of this selection comes within the framework of the regular updating of the listing criteria, illustrates recognition of the Eurotunnel’s performance and its capacity to attain the highest level of international standard in the financial sector.

In the current continually shifting markets, the indices play an important role in the process of investment and the selection of shares by international fund managers. They use the indices for a number of reasons, including analysis of returns, valuation of share portfolios and other management purposes.

The MSCI indices, created in 1968, are recognised for their breadth and depth. They reflect market trends by representing the evolution of a portfolio which includes a large variety of international organisations. Today, MSCI monitor more than 1,700 listed companies in emerging markets and 2,600 in 23 established markets, making up more than 15 billion dollars in market capitalisation.

Being listed on the MSCI Global Growth index reflects Groupe Eurotunnel’s potential for the future and its position in sectors with strong development opportunities (freight, high speed, infrastructure management, etc).

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Groupe Eurotunnel SA said,

“The inclusion of Eurotunnel in the best international indices is very good news for our shareholders. It is an important event in the recognition of our potential.”