Eurotunnel signs Service Level Agreement with UK Border Agency

  • Faster border controls for Eurotunnel customers
  • Greater border security for the UK

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Eurotunnel, has today, 1 April 2009, signed a Service Level Agreement with Phil Woolas, Borders and Immigration Minister, to improve Border controls at the Channel Tunnel, whilst speeding up processing for Eurotunnel customers.

Eurotunnel is the leader in cross-Channel transport, with journey times between the United Kingdom and France of just 35 minutes and a 40% share of the Short Straits market.

The Eurotunnel service is fast, easy and reliable, so ensuring that customers have minimum waiting at the border controls is an important element in the provision of a hassle free experience.

Eurotunnel and the UK Border Agency will work together to ensure that real time traffic management information and the latest control technologies are used in harmony to provide the best combination of border security and traffic flow.

Eurotunnel has always been at the forefront of border security, developing and installing cutting edge equipment since its inauguration in 1994. Today the Euroscan, the Passive Millimetric Wave Scanner, CO2 detectors and heartbeat monitors are all part of the wide range of specialist tools available for border control and security on the Eurotunnel terminals.

Eurotunnel currently employs around 150 specialists to ensure the permanent security of the terminal in Coquelles. Using the latest surveillance technology they are able to identify potential intrusions by those seeking to enter the UK illegally. Once intercepted, these individuals are handed over to the authorities before they can travel through the Tunnel.

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Eurotunnel, said:

“Eurotunnel is the leader in cross-Channel transport, with advantages in terms of speed ease and reliability for customers. Reducing the time spent with frontier controls whilst ensuring the security of our customers and our infrastructure is vital element of our service”.


Phil Woolas, Borders and Immigration Minister, said:

“The border crossing between France and Kent is one of the toughest in the world.

We are using the very latest technology to screen high risk individuals and goods while facilitating lawful trade and travel which benefits the UK.”