Eurotunnel retains Carbon Trust Standard certification following a new 9% reduction in its carbon footprint

The Eurotunnel Group is delighted to have retained the prestigious, independently awarded Carbon Trust Standard certification for its Fixed Link following its policy and success in reducing its carbon footprint for the period 2015-2016.

In order to retain the certification, the Fixed Link had to satisfy a number of criteria and reach a series of objectives, including the reduction of carbon footprint by more than 7.3%, a goal which Eurotunnel out-performed with a reduction of almost 9%1 for the period 2015-2016 compared to 2012-20132.

During the course of these two years, three major initiatives were taken which enabled the company to continue its ongoing efforts:

  • Concentration of electrical energy supply from the continent (98% in 2016), using energy that is 7 times less carbon generating compared to the UK.
  • Replacement of the Halon gas used in all technical rooms inside the Tunnel with Novec, a gas that is 7,000 times less carbon generating
  • Replacement of the cooling system at Sangatte.


Michel Boudoussier, Eurotunnel Chief Operating Officer, stated:

“Each year since its opening, Eurotunnel has been fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint. At a time when the environmental impact of a transport system is an important element in customer purchasing decisions, validation of our efforts by the Carbon Trust Standard brings an additional competitive advantage”.



  1. Exactly 8.6%
  1. Comparison possible through the application of the "Banking Rule”.