Eurotunnel first to launch Cross Channel Carbon Counter

Group Eurotunnel has, today, launched a Carbon Counter on its Le Shuttle Freight website to enable customers to measure the environmental impact of the different modes of transport available for Channel crossings. The Carbon Counter will help Eurotunnel’s customers to choose the most ecological solution for their business by comparing the greenhouse gas emissions (amongst which Carbon is the most significant) of the various different modes of transport available. By entering the number of Channel crossings they make each year, they can calculate the scale of carbon reduction they can achieve.

The Carbon Counter is accessible at

This practical tool was created following a study Eurotunnel commissioned from JMJ Conseil (specialists in transport and logistics research) and after consultation with the French Environmental agency, the ADEME.

A vehicle travelling by Eurotunnel Shuttle consumes clean energy with only a small volume of carbon emissions. The Shuttles, which cross the Channel in just 35 minutes, operate on electricity from low carbon sources (principally nuclear) whilst ferries consume bunker fuel. The Shuttles also carry trucks directly onto the M20, thus avoiding some 15 miles of road travel in the UK and thereby further diminishing their overall emissions.

With hauliers subject to more restrictive environmental legislation, customers imposing increasingly onerous constraints on the provenance of goods and an absence of consistent information available, Eurotunnel has committed itself to providing its customers with the tools and information to enable them to calculate the amount and the impact of the CO2 emissions they produce when crossing the Channel. This will then help them to make informed decisions and to reduce their own carbon footprints.

Eurotunnel’s launch of the first cross Channel Carbon Counter follows its recent IFW Environment Award for leadership in sustainable development.