Eurotunnel buys 5 Class 92 Locos to support cross-Channel rail freight

In keeping with its strategy, Groupe Eurotunnel has bought the 5 remaining SNCF Class 92 locomotives, bringing its fleet to 16.

The Class 92 is the only rail freight locomotive authorised for use in the Channel Tunnel. At a time of increasing traffic flows through the Channel Tunnel, these additions to the fleet re- affirm Eurotunnel’s commitment to the growth of cross -Channel rail freight and demonstrate its intent to promote “open access”. Eurotunnel provides open access to all cross-Channel rail operators through its efficient Tunnel traction services.

More than 280 power units in total (locos, shunters, rail/road) will be operated by Eurotunnel group thanks to this acquisition, providing significant flexibility and development potential.

The Class 92 is British built and certificated to haul freight trains on the UK network and in the Channel Tunnel. It is a dual current locomotive, equipped for the North of London, Tunnel and North of France 25kV 50Hz pantograph supply and for the 750V DC, UK third rail network.

Following this purchase, Eurotunnel now owns one third of the Class 92s operating in Europe. Eurotunnel now has additional resources and the equipment necessary to benefit from the first signs of economic growth.