Eurotunnel and tourism: Le Shuttle, the no-contact transport system, is determined to be a major player in restart plans

14/05/2020 - 16:45

Eurotunnel is delighted to hear the French Government plans to open up internal tourism for its residents, heralding a socially responsible summer season for all.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, which carried more than 11 million passengers in road vehicles between the UK and France in 2019, enables its customers to cross the Channel without leaving their vehicle and without any physical contact with others.

For several weeks, Eurotunnel teams have been preparing for reopening tourist travel to foster the vital link between the United Kingdom, France and other European countries. Investments made in a smart and healthy border over the past three years prove their usefulness even more in these circumstances.

British tourists, who spend billions of Euros in France during the summer season can demonstrate how to ensure safe and healthy travel for all by respecting government advice.